What are the largest casinos in the world?

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Feb 28, 2021
Probably the most famous casino in the world? Definitely in Las Vegas. The largest casino in the world? Las Vegas, of course. No, that's not right. So much can be revealed: Las Vegas is "only" in 8th place. :unsure:

Places 10 to 7

The "Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa" is in 10th place. The casino is located in Atlantic City (USA) and offers almost 4100 electronic machines and 285 gaming tables for its guests. 17 bars and restaurants are available for refreshment or relaxation. If you want to spend a night in Atlantic City, you can book one of the 2002 hotel rooms at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. The "Casino Lisboa" in Lisbon (Portugal) is in 9th place. The area has a size of 15,000 m² and has 1000 rooms. In addition to 26 gaming tables and 1000 slot machines, there are also bars, restaurants, discos and various shows such as concerts available to visitors.

8th place goes to the "MGM Grand Las Vegas" in Las Vegas in the United States. 2300 slot machines and 20 gaming tables are available. The casino has an area of 15,794 m². The MGM Grand is not only known for its casino. Mainly there are award ceremonies, boxing matches, performances by David Copperfield as well as concerts by world stars. The hotel has 5044 rooms, two clubs, an incredibly large pool and a huge spa.

10: Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa (USA)
9: Casino Lisboa (Portugal)
8: MGM Grand Las Vegas (USA)

Places 7 to 4

Seventh place goes to China. The "Sands Macao" is 27,275 m², offers 1000 gaming tables and 750 slot machines. Sixth place also goes to China. The "MGM Grand Macau" convinces with eye-catching marble walls, an elaborate decor and an area of over 20,000 m². There are 835 machines and 410 tables available to guests.

5th place goes to the South African pride "Tusk Rio Casino Resort" in Klerksdorp. The area has an area of 24,000 m². However, there are only 257 machines and 12 gaming tables. However, there are private play rooms available for guests. Macau also lands in fourth place. The "Casino Porte" with 25,084 m² is available in the historic port area. 150 tables, 320 slot machines, three restaurants and two VIP areas make this excursion very special.

7: Sands Macao (China)
6: MGM Grand Macau (China)
5: Tusk Rio Casino Resort (South Africa)

The top 3

The top 3 is led by the largest American casino - the "Foxwoods Resorts Casino" in Connecticut. With 34,000 m², 400 gaming tables and 7,000 machines, Foxwoods is one of the most popular casinos in the USA. Another highlight: a 4,000-person bingo room! Second place goes to the "City of Dreams Casino" - also in Macau, China. The area is 39,000 m², offers 1,350 machines and 530 tables. 1st place also goes to China. "The Venetian Macao" has 3,000 slot machines, 870 tables and dozens of shopping areas, 24 restaurants, four swimming pools and 3,000 luxury rooms. And if you feel like it, you can take a gondolier in the recreated Venetian canal.

3: Foxwoods Resorts Casino (USA)
2: City of Dreams Casino (China)
1: The Venetian Macao (China)

And so, now you know ...
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