Other providers receive a German sports betting license

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Mar 15, 2021
After the first 15 gaming providers received a German sports betting license in October, nothing happened for almost half a year. It has now been announced that the Darmstadt (Hessen) regional council has granted other providers a German sports betting license. This means that 23 providers now have the coveted license. However, a number of applications are still being processed.

The German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) has been criticizing the slow licensing process for several months. The accusation: The regional council responsible for issuing licenses in Darmstadt, Hesse, takes too much time to review the applications. Now there is some movement in the licensing process again: Other providers have received the coveted German betting license. But more than 30 providers are still waiting to finally get their German license issued.

Betkick and Betago receive a German license​

It was recently announced that the betting providers Betkick and Betago have received a license from the Hessian regional council. Betkick is a sports betting provider that is well-known in Austria and has been part of Stoximan for almost three years. In addition to the license for online sports betting, Betago has also secured a retail license.

So far, 23 providers are now in possession of a reputable German gaming license. In addition to the two brands mentioned above, licensees also include bwin, JAXX, Ladbrokes, Tipico, bet-at-home, Interwetten, Tipster and Tipwin. In addition, Cashpoint (Gauselmann Group) and the British gaming group GVC Holdings, which is now called Entain, have secured a German license. With the exception of the state provider Oddset, all previous applicants have also secured a license for online sports betting.

The RP Darmstadt has put all sports betting operators with a valid sports betting license from Germany together on a so-called “white list”. The list is updated at regular intervals.

33 further applications are still being processed​

In the meantime, 23 licenses have been issued to reputable gaming companies. But another 33 providers are still waiting for a decision. And this despite the fact that almost six months have passed since the introduction of the transitional regulation. In addition, over 20 other gaming companies are currently interested in applying for a German license. In the foreseeable future, the number of licenses issued by the Darmstadt Regional Council could grow to over 70.

According to a ruling by the Darmstadt Administrative Court of April 1st, 2020 - Az. L 446/20. DA did not initially issue any sports betting concessions for several months. After the Administrative Court on October 9th, 20 - Az. 8 B 1111/20 revoked this decision, the RP Darmstadt can accept new applications and finally issue licenses.
The industry association DSWV criticizes the slow processing of the applications and points out that this procedure can lead to a distortion of competition. While the few licensed providers have been complying with the strict regulations of the new State Treaty on Gaming (GlüStV) since October last year, the non-licensed providers are largely free to move around the market without implementing the measures.

Furthermore, the DSWV President Mathias Dahms accuses the responsible committee in Darmstadt, Hesse, of unnecessarily keeping further applications in suspense for months. In his opinion, the delay could be due to the fact that the panel had fallen out and the application process had stalled as a result. Dahms asked the Darmstadt RP to process the outstanding applications immediately.

Among the DSWV members, the decrease in customers since the introduction of the transitional arrangement in October 2020 has averaged 54 percent. Members include bet-at-home, Betano, Cashpoint, Interwetten and Tipico.

How can providers get a German license?​

The requirements that an applicant must meet in order to obtain a German license are extremely strict. The Darmstadt Regional Council has published the formal requirements on its website. Here you can read, among other things, that the gambling companies must meet the following criteria:
  • General application maintenance in German
  • Comprehensive payment processing concept
  • IT security concept with its own security officer
  • Social concept to minimize the risk of addiction and deny access to minors
  • Sales concept (including information about planned bonus offers)

Greentube is trying to get a German casino license​

While the issuing of German sports betting licenses is now picking up speed, there is hardly any progress with licenses for slot machines. As early as November we reported, among other things, that the Novomatic subsidiary Greentube wants to return to the German market and is therefore trying to obtain a corresponding license. So far, according to our research, there has been no news.


By the time the new GlüStV comes into force on July 1, 2021 at the latest, all providers who have applied for a German license in good time should have received it. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that the strict requirements could be met. Incidentally, only a few days ago we reported on the nationwide gaming supervision that is currently being set up in Halle (Saale). It will be interesting to see whether the licensing process will finally pick up speed in the coming months and which other gaming companies will apply for and ultimately receive a German license.


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Oct 14, 2021
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