LeoVegas Scam

Tyler Durden

Staff member
Feb 28, 2021
Nothing boded trouble, but here comes such a letter!

Without thinking twice, we go and look at paragraph 6.2 of the rules!

What a great rule, huh? What do you think, if Leovegas allows himself to treat partners like this, how will they deal with a simple player? We want to warn all players against playing in this casino, as well as all affiliates from working with this fraudulent project. Players will lose their money, and affiliates will lose their traffic, which means they will also lose money.

It all follows from this​

  • Don't play at Leovegas
  • Don't work with Leovegas
  • Don't trust Leovegas
  • This is Scam
If you have any complaints about Leovegas, we recommend that you create a topic in the Online Casino Complaints.
Good Luck!